We received our « do it yourself » Sun Blade last friday. We were so exited, we decided to rackmount it immediatly. And here are the pictures !

We have no pictures of the rackmount itself, but it is far more intuitive than the one of the Netra 4200. The only strange thing is you have to put some cage nut outside of the rack. Then you screw a metal part in each corner, and you finaly plug a strong metal rack in each side, no screw there. you are done, just put your 130 Kg Sun Blade rackin it (or remove everything you can, like fans and power supply, and you’ll get a 50 kg box).

And this is what you get :

Sunblade empty
And the back :
Sunblade empty back

Then you can start putting all your things inside the Sun Blade. This is an AMD Opetron Blade, which seems to be a used one, as you can see the dust on the CPU radiators :

Sunblade blade closed

Sunblade amd blade1Sunblade amd blade2

Sunblade amd blade3 Sunblade amd blade4

Then the SAN fibre channel card :
Sunblade HDSunblade SAN

And the Hard Drives :
Sunblade HD Sunblade HD2
Sunblade HD3 Sunblade end

Don’t forget to get the right plug as our was delivered with big 16 ampers blue plug like this :
SunBlade plug1 SunBlade plug2

[Edit – 20070913]

We had a « crash » problem many times with the Sunblade. It’s like some (not all) blades were shutdown sometimes after 2 or 3 weeks up, but doing nothing. The Network IO cards and FC cards were also down.
A Sun support guy  went in and ask us for a spacial cable to connect directly to the blade. That was the answer of the small plub in the front of each blade : a multi IO interface.

There you go with the plug picture and the cable offering : dual USB, serial, RJ45 and video (VGA ?) output.
bladeIO bladeIO 2